Top 10 BEST Places To Visit In CANADA


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Top 10 BEST Places To Visit In CANADA

best places to visit in Canada

Canada the second-largest country in the world, Canada has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and unique sights for travelers to explore. Traveling through Canada offers visitors various opportunities to enjoy culture, nature, adventure, sightseeing and all kinds of activities. As tourists travel the country, they will find incredibly diverse landscapes, a combination of cultural influences, unique cities, and tourist attractions. Western Canada is well known for the stunning scenery of the Rocky Mountains with cities such as Vancouver and Calgary. The capital of Victoria, British Columbia, and old-growth forest beaches and rough coastal land surrounding Vancouver Island of the West Coast. Central Canada is home to the meadows and further east forests and lakes including the Great Lakes. At the heart of the country is the City of Toronto, Canada's biggest city and nearby the capital city of Ottawa. The French-speaking province of Quebec heads further east. While much of the country has British and French origins, there is a mosaic of multicultural communities in Canada. This post is an overview of the ten best places to visit in Canada.

10. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

The largest island off the western coast of the North American continent has been Vancouver named after British explorer George. The largest populated landmass between Western North America and New Zealand around 500 kilometers long and 100 kilometers wide. Vancouver Island is studded with colorful quirky communities. Vancouver Island is a top global destination for raw untouched nature and wildlife. The landscape is one of mountains, lakes, rain-forests and rugged coastline dotted with small towns and villages. To the south lies Victoria, British Columbia's picturesque capital. Further north are some beautiful natural areas, including the famous West Coast Trail, on the west side of the island.

9. Calgary


A cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers the largest city in Alberta Calgary is situated between the Canadian Prairies and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Calgary, with its wide range of free and cheap activities, is an excellent city for budget travelers. With its large parade and world-class rodeo attracting over 1 million people each year, the event of Calgary Stampede is undoubtedly Calgary's best-known visitor attraction. Canada Olympic Park is a multi-purpose athletic facility designed for skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh, and luge during the winter and mountain biking during the summer. Other attractions including the Glen Bow Museum, Calgary Tower and Eau Claire markets are other great places to visit year-round.

8. Ottawa


Canada's capital in the east of southern Ontario near the city of Montreal and the US border. As the capital of the nation, Ottawa has many financial, commercial and federal institutions including Parliament Hill. The Rideau Canal is the star attraction of Ottawa, running right through the heart of the city. The Canal becomes the largest ice skating ring in the world in winter. All four seasons are honored by parks, gardens and wide-open public areas. Average temperatures are well below zero degrees Celsius from December to March, but locals celebrate the city's longest seeming season with a bunch of outdoor pursuits. As in the spring, pleasant tulips cheer the downtown and vibrant fall leaves, lining the streets with red and yellow eye-catchers.

7. Quebec City

Quebec City

Quebec City, one of North America's most beautiful cities, is a focal point of French culture. The hilltop french-speaking city has a strong defensive position set on a rocky spur with 100-meter cliffs and protected on two sides by rivers. As the capital of Quebec province, Quebec City is an important commercial center, but it hasn't lost sight of the past. With its narrow streets walled fortifications and centuries-old buildings, Quebec is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city's icon the stunning Chateau Frontenac is regarded as the most photographed hotel in North America and offers tours even without an overnight stay.

6. Whistler


Whistler is Canada's favorite year-round destination situated in the spectacular British Columbia coastal mountains just two hours north of Vancouver. There are two majestic mountains with a vibrant base village, epic skiing, and snowboarding, four championship golf courses, unbeatable shopping, restaurants, and bars. At the base of the two mountains are three quaint villages with the village Creekside and Upper Village. This gabled alpine village is one of the most popular ski resorts in the world and was the 2010 Olympic venue. Before the skiers and boarders came, Whistler was a local town with the name Altar Lake, which was well known for its snow. Not surprisingly, for a ski resort, Whistler gets its fair share of snow and cold weather. Typical winter temperatures average about zero degrees Celsius during the day and -6 degrees Celsius overnight in the village.

5. Toronto


Toronto, Ontario's capital, is one of Canada's most populous cities, as well as one of North America's largest city. Toronto is also one of the world's most culturally diverse cities and is home to a large number of ethnic districts such as Chinatown, Little India, and Little Italy. Impressive sights such as the CN Tower and Casa Loma's fairy-tale castle are the most important tourist attractions in town. In addition, the Toronto Islands are a popular place for outdoor activities and beaches.

4. Montreal


Montreal is the cultural and financial capital of the province of Quebec and Canada's second-largest city after Toronto. Outside of the Paris France, it has the largest French-speaking community. Montreal is a bustling metropolis comprised of a downtown district, a historic quarter, an entertainment district, and several distinctive neighborhoods. The main sights in Montreal include downtown skyscrapers such as the Olympic Tower, historic Old Montreal buildings and several family attractions. Montreal's climate is a genuinely humid continental climate with four different seasons. The city has warm to very hot and humid summers generally mild spring and autumn and often very cold and snowy winters.

3. Banff National Park

Banff National Park

The Banff National Park is located in Alberta province and is one of the nation's largest and most visited National Parks. The park has stunning landscapes of majestic Canadian Rockies, valleys, forests and plenty of wildlife. Because of all this, the park soon became one of Canada's top destinations any time of year, from honking in the summer to winter skiing. The amazing landscape and wildlife of the park attract many tourists each year along the trans-Canada highway, which crosses the park. This oldest national park in Canada in the Rocky Mountains was established in 1885.

2. Niagara Falls Ontario

Niagara Falls Ontario

It is a series of three stunning waterfalls located at the border of New York and Ontario. Horseshoe Falls, the Ontario side of the Falls, offers the best views and the most amusing attractions. The immediate vicinity of the is an excellent tourist destination, filled with observation towers, restaurants, souvenir shops, casinos, and high-rise hotels. One of the best spots on the Ontario side to see the Niagara Falls is Queen Victoria Park. Niagara Falls is located approximately 130 kilometers north of Lake Ontario by road from the capital of Toronto in Ontario. The area of the Niagara region is approximately 690 square miles.

1. Vancouver


Located in British Columbia between the coastal mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver has its majestic landmarks, where you can swim in the ocean, rollerblade through picturesque parks and snow ski in the mountains all n a day. Vancouver is a place of excitement for tourists. Vancouver is the third-largest city in Canada and is one of the most popular destinations to visit. Stanley Park, which covers a huge area of woodland gardens and green spaces, is the major attraction of Vancouver. The city offers the perfect mix of beautiful scenery, international cuisine, fantastic shopping, state-of-the-art architecture and all just minutes away from hiking skiing fishing and boating.

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