How to fall asleep in minutes with these simple methods


Friday, January 4, 2019

How to fall asleep in minutes with these simple methods

How to fall asleep in minutes with these simple methods

Have you ever find it difficult to fall asleep?

Well some people fall asleep as long as they go to bed but for some people it is very difficult to fall asleep. It usually happens because of some mental stress or tensions. Here we will discuss some methods you can try to fall asleep as early as possible. Well you can try all of them to now which one worked best for you.

1. Eat Honey

If you are not falling asleep, eating a spoon of honey can solve your problem. Take a spoon of honey and go back to your bed and then try to sleep, you will surely gets the results. Honey will not only help you fall asleep but will restore your body tissues while you sleep and it will make your sleep deeper and calmer but you need the real honey not the honey with added sugar from the supermarket.

2. Put pillow under your knees

This tip works best for those who are not finding a comfortable position to sleep. Simply put a pillow under your knees, your back will take a more natural position and the tension will decrease significantly therefore your muscles will finally relax you may not find this position very comfortable but before you think about it, you will fall into the kingdom of sleep. This will also relieve the strain on your spine, also don't use a huge pillow a small size pillow will be just perfect.

3. Method "4-7-8"

This exercise is practiced by Yogi's during their meditations for complete relaxation of the body. You don't need any equipment for this exercise and can be performed anywhere and anytime you want to sleep. So place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth directly above your teeth and press it to your front upper teeth hold your tongue in this position during the entire exercise exhale completely all the air from your lungs through your mouth so that the exhalation is loud and whistling now calmly inhale through your nose counting to four hold your breath counting seven and then make a loud and whistle exhale counting to eight after this repeat the entire cycle four times the most important thing all the inhalations have to be calm and quiet through your nose and all the exhalations have to be loud and whistling through your mouth

4. Magic points

There are many points in our body which we call magic points. These magics points are directly related to some other functions of our body. By pressing some of these magic points you can actually fell asleep as early as you want. Let's reveal those magic points. First magic point is in between the eyebrows,

Magic points

if you press this point with your thumb for 20 seconds, you will feel calmness in your body, repeat this three to four times to actually fall asleep. The second magic point is
Magic points

press this point with the thumb of the other hand for a minute.

The third point is located three fingers down the wrist and in the center.
Magic points

This magic point is often called the most powerful acupuncture point due to its effectiveness. Press this point for one minute.

5. Sing a song about a dream

This is very cute and unique way to fall asleep. All you have to do is to sing a song about sleep or a dream you like. Sing for at least 5 minutes, we assure you will fall asleep before the song will end. In South Asia most of the desi mothers do this to fall asleep their child.

6. Sleep mask

Mostly people can't sleep in the light, so the sleep mask is the best option for those people who wants complete darkness to fall asleep early. You can also put earplugs to add silence to your sleep. By try these you will surely fall asleep as early as possible.

7. Gradual Relaxation

To fall asleep all your body muscles need to be relaxed. To do this, lay comfortably on your back, now start mentally passing from the tips of your toes to the nape of your neck through all your body parts, stop on the fingers, relaxed, now the ankles knees hips gradually feel the relaxation and then move to the neck John face muscles you can also go in reverse order pay attention to all your muscles.

8. Think about something you love

 Sometimes your body need mental relaxation to fall asleep. If you are in a stress you would never fall asleep until your mind is relaxed. For that purpose it is suggested to think about those things which you really love, this will relax your mind. You will go into deep thoughts and you don't even know when you fall asleep.

That's it try them and tell us about the results you get!!!

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