Don't waste your time on backlinks


Monday, October 29, 2018

Don't waste your time on backlinks

Don't waste your time on backlinks

When I started my blog, I saw many videos and posts telling about the link building to increase the ranking of a blog. Do you really need backlinks to rank higher in google search result? The straight answer to this is ‘NO’, you don’t need to build backlinks to really rank in the google. Instead, you should focus on the quality of your content. If your content is appealing and exactly what someone is searching for, then the chances are higher that google will automatically rank your content to the top.

How google search engine works?

Google’s main purpose is to provide the exact content what their users are searching and for that google always improve their algorithms with passing time. Backlinks are not the right way to rank in the google, because by building backlinks you are tricking it's algorithm to think that your content is the one that someone is searching for. This is really the violation of the google’s policy and your site or page may get banned from the google. So, just forget about the backlink and start making your blog more productive and appealing. Once you do that you will not need any backlinks to rank your site.

How to build the quality content for a blog?

Follow the content guidelines of the google

The ranking of your blog is related to the quality of the content you are producing. But before creating any content or post, you must follow the guidelines of the Google webmaster. You can read them on Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you avoid these mistakes you probably going to make your blog well enough to rank higher in the Search result. 

Build your audience

If a new user searches something on google and comes to your website. If he has spend some time reading the content on your site, Next time when he searches a keyword related to your niche, your site will appear on the top for that user. So, to make your blog visitor spend time on looking the content on your site, you must have unique and attractive content. That's how you will build an audience and your blog will start ranking on the top. The other thing you can do is sharing your content to different social media.

Unique Content

The uniqueness of the content will differentiate your blog or website from others. Mostly the audience prefer something that is very new. If you are presenting your content in a unique and interesting way, your content will definitely attract the more audience towards it.


Focus on building your blog or website through quality content and forget about backlinks. If your content is good enough, you probably don't need any backlinks to rank higher in the search results.