8 Factors Which Really Affect SEO Ranking Of a Blog


Saturday, October 20, 2018

8 Factors Which Really Affect SEO Ranking Of a Blog

8 factors which really affect SEO ranking of a blog

There are many factors which affect the SEO of a blog. Many new bloggers often make mistakes on their blogs which affects the SEO ranking of the blog. In this article we'll discuss the common mistakes and how you can avoid them to make your blog rank high in Search engine results. Let's start! 

1. Too short title 

The title of the website or blog should be 60 characters long or at least near to 60 characters but not too short. Well, how you can make the title long for your blog? You can simply include a slogan or a sentence that best describes your blog with the title of your blog or website. It will make the title of your blog long to the required limit and make it SEO friendly.

2. Too short Meta Description

While writing the meta description you should use the relevant keywords which your blog is really representing to the audience. Using those keywords you should make the meta description at least 160 characters long, but not longer than 230 characters if it exceeds 160 characters. Try to cover all of your target keywords in the given limits of the characters. Do not try to use irrelevant words because it can affect the SEO ranking of your blog.

3. Size of the Main page

Now that is a very important thing to note because if your blog's main or home page has heavier size than actually, it should be, then there is the thing you should worry about. The lower the size the quicker the page will load and in return make the user experience better. If your blog's page loading takes time, then the user will definitely be going to get a bad impression. Nobody would like to wait for a page to take longer to load. It will affect the SEO ranking of your blog in Google Search. You can check the score of your website or blog by simply going to Google's PageSpeed insights and entering your blog's web address. There you will find the important things you can improve about your blog to make it score higher and rank higher in the search.

4. Size of Photos

The size of the photos really matters in the overall size of the pages on your blog. Most of the page's size comes from the photos almost 70% photos effects the size of the pages on your blog. It is recommended to use compressed photos in your blog or use photos, only where they are necessary to use. But in some blogs where photos are really necessary to use you can compress them and then use them. There are many online websites or tools which can compress your photos without losing the quality of your picture, you can use them if you don't know how to compress photos.

5. No h1 and h2 headings

While writing articles or posts for your blog, keep in mind to use h1 and h2 headings. In h1 headings, try to use the main keywords which your post is targeting. In h2 headings, use the sub-keywords which your post is explaining to its audience. These will really make your SEO ranking high.

6. Keyword repetition

If your blog is about food, then the search engine will look up onto your blog that how many times the keywords related to food are appearing across your blog posts. So, if you are writing the content relevant to your blog's niche or keyword, the more likely your blog will rank higher in the Search Engines. So, write according to your blog's type.

7. Mobile Friendly

Your blog should be mobile friendly which means your blog should use responsive web design to make mobile usability easy for mobile users. Responsive web design performs better on different devices and make usability better. By using responsive web design you can really make your blog SEO friendly.

8. Permalinks

Use permalinks relevant to your blog post and use only those keywords which your blog post is targeting. Permalinks really affects your blog post SEO ranking. WordPress and Blogger users should use custom permalinks in order to make their pages rank higher in the search engine.

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