38 Interesting Psychological Facts About LOVE


Sunday, May 3, 2020

38 Interesting Psychological Facts About LOVE

psychological facts about love

When you think about the love you may picture picnics in the park holding hands and watching the sunset and living happily. Psychology portrays love as a cognitive and social phenomenon. Love is a complicated collection of feelings, behaviors, and values related to a deep sense of respect, protection, and warmth. To know more about love let's have a look at 38 interesting psychological facts about love.

1. If someone really loves you, they won't treat you like an option.

2. You can fall for a stranger if you keep staring at them.

3. If you have a crush on someone, it's harder to lie to them.

4. Couples who are in love spend more time making eye contact.

5. Being in love reduces the ability to stay focused.

6. 'Broken heart' just isn't a term, it's an actual medical condition.

7. Scientists estimate that seven times before you get married, you will fall in love.

8. Appearance captures a woman's attention. Personality captures her heart.

9. It takes about 17 months and 26 days for the typical person to get over an ex.

10. A man has more chance to attract a woman if he wears the color blue.

11. The deeper your feelings, the more difficult it is to express them.

12. Beautiful women are less likely to be asked out because men tend to be intimidated by them.

13. Women are generally attracted to men 6 years older than they are.

14. Partners with too many similarities or differences tend not to last too long.

15. Typically, people choose an attractive face over an attractive body if they want a long-term relationship.

16. Research indicates that men are drawn to women with a bone structure similar to their mothers.

17. If any person is ready to be in a relationship, they are more likely to seek out love, than those who shy away from it.

18. Research has shown that men and women are more likely to fall for each other in dangerous situations than in uneventful surroundings. 

19. If you feel tired, stressed, or are having a headache - cuddling or hugging is the best alternative to painkillers.

20. If you feel sick, just taking a look at a loved one's picture can soothe the pain.

21. Wolves, swans, penguins, and termites are some animal species that live with only one partner just like humans.

22. Eventually, romantic love is replaced by committed love. 

23. Women find guys extra appealing if they notice other females smiling at them.

24. The more you talk to others about that person, the more you love him.

25. A person who has your heart is someone who remains on your mind after months and years of no communication.

26. When a guy likes a girl he looks at her in the eye. When a girl likes a guy she is going to look away.

27. The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the harder you're going to fall for that individual.

28. Once you fall in love, those feelings never leave, though you may no longer "like" that person, you will always care to some extent.

29. It's impossible to be mad at someone you really love. Anger that lasts more than 3 days indicates that you're not in love.

30. If someone really loves you, no matter how many other people they meet, their feelings for you never change. A true love can't be stolen.

31. If someone really loves you, they don't have to say that, you can tell by the way they treat you.

32. If someone really loves you, your mistakes will never change their feelings, because it's the mind that gets angry, but the heart still cares.

33. According to psychologists, love, at first sight, is apparently true. It only takes 2-3 minutes to fall for someone or make a good impression on someone

34. When two people in love look into each other's eyes for 3 minutes their heart-rates sync up with each other.

35. Wonder why we act so inappropriate and irrational when we fall in love with someone? Well it's not your fault, it's the chemical known as cortisol

36. Feeling butterflies in your belly when you fall for someone is real and it is because of the adrenaline rush you experience as the body's response to a fight-or-flight situation.

37. The fourth finger of the left hand has the Vena amoris, the 'vein of love', which is believed to be connected directly to the heart.

38. According to research, people who share the same level of attractiveness or equally socially desirable are most likely to end up with each other.

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