50 Amazing And Unknown Facts About AUSTRALIA


Sunday, July 7, 2019

50 Amazing And Unknown Facts About AUSTRALIA

Australia facts

There is no place in the world unique like Australia. The word “Australia” derived from the Latin word “Australis,” which means “southern.” The continent/country of Australia is an island surrounded by more than 8,000 smaller islands - with over 10,000 beaches. Now it might not be so surprising to know that Australia is huge. It’s about the same size as the continental US. At about 2,500 miles wide, the distance from the west to the east coast is further than Barcelona to Moscow. More than 200 different types of languages and dialects are spoken in Australia. The most popular non-English languages are Mandarin, Greek, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Cantonese. Australia is very unique in every way from other countries. There are many facts about Australia which often surprise people when they heard of them. Here are 50 amazing facts about Australia that show why it's so unique

1. In Australia, there's a river called the never-never River.

2. In 1880, Melbourne was the world's richest city.

3. More than 90% of Australia is covered by vegetation.

4. Australia is a unique continent that doesn't house any active volcanoes.

5. It’s also the flattest continent on our planet.

6. With 8 people per square mile, Australia has an extremely low population density.

7. The difference between Australia's total length and its width is only 200 miles.

8. The National Australian Qantas airline operates its interstate flights using the recycled cooking oil.

9. Australia's national science agency claims to have basically invented Wi-Fi and has even sued over it.

10. In 1892, several hundred people left Australia in order to build new Australia in central Paraguay, a Utopian society.

11. In Australia, there is a plant called stinging bush which can make you vomit just by touching it.

12. Australia claims the largest part of Antarctica 5.8 million square kilometers or 2.2 million square miles.

13. The biggest cattle ranch of the world is Anna Creek Station which is larger than Israel as a whole.

14. In search of water, 6000 marauding camels have recently flooded the town of docker River.

15. In Victoria, Light bulbs are allowed to only be changed by a licensed electrician.

16. Elizabeth's bookstore in New Town covers its books in paper and provides them with a brief description so that no one can judge a book by its cover.

17. In 1859, 22 rabbits were introduced to a rabbit less Australia, in 1869 the continent was home to two million rabbits.

18. Despite the stereotypes of hot sunny weather year-round, the Australian Alps, which are the highest mountain range in the country, get more snow than the Swiss Alps do.

19. The world’s longest national highway is in Australia. It stretches for over 9,000 miles. It's actually a network of highways that encircles the entire country.

20. The Dingo Fence in southeast Australia stretches for nearly 3,500 miles. For comparison, it would easily cover the entire span of the US, from Los Angeles to Houlton, Maine.

21. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and the only one that is a continent as well.

22. Over 80% of Australians live within 60 miles of the coast which makes it one of the most coastal-dwelling populations in the world.

23. Australia has so many beaches that if you decided to visit a new beach every day, it’d take you almost 30 years to see them all.

24. The biggest property in Australia is about 103600 square kilometers in area and South Korea could fit into it with some space still to spare.

25. Before humans arrived, the continent was home to megafauna. If you’d lived there about 46,000 years ago, you would’ve seen 10-foot-tall kangaroos, 23-foot-long goanna lizards, and ducks the size of an adult horse.

26. The largest living structure on the planet is the Australian Great Barrier Reef and it has its own mailbox.

27. The platypus, an egg-laying mammal that lives only in Australia, is one of the rare venomous mammals on this planet. Luckily, while the venom has an excruciatingly painful effect on people, it's not lethal.

28. Surfing during the day in Australia was illegal until 1902. But after one guy calmly entered the waves of Manly Beach one afternoon that year, surf bathing became increasingly popular.

29. Australia has the largest Greek population outside of Greece. Actually, to be more precise, in Melbourne. More than 160,000 people who live there say they come from Greek descent.

30. Until 2018, Melbourne had been ranked as the most livable city in the world for 7 years in a row. But then it was bumped down to 2nd place after Vienna, Austria.

31. One of Melbourne's founders was John Batman and the city was temporarily called Batmania

32. In 2018, Australia ranked third after Norway and Switzerland on the Human Development Index.

33. Australia ranked third on the Human Development Index in 2018, following Norway and Switzerland.

34. In 2005, security guards at the Parliament House in Canberra were prohibited from calling people "mate." But the ban only lasted for a day

35. In Western Australia, there are many super salty pink lakes. One of them is called Lake Hillier that is a bright shade of pink.

36. You can thank Australia for coming up with the word “selfie” in the first place.

37. Australia has approximately 74 million sheep to 25 million people, which is an amazing three to one ratio.

38. There are twice as many kangaroos as there are people there – that’s 50 to 25 million.

39. There are 10 times more camels than koalas in Australia and it exports camels to Saudi Arabia.

40. In Western Australia, possession of more than 110 pounds of potatoes is against the law.

41. The architect of the world-famous Sydney Opera House got the idea of this unique construction while munching on an orange. If you combine all the sails of the building’s roof, you'll get a perfect sphere.

42. The most ancient fossils some 3.4 billion years old in the world were found in Australia.

43. There are so many different species in Australia that only 25% of them have been discovered so far. Of the animals discovered to be native to Australia, none have hooves.

44. Burger King miraculously turns into Hungry Jack's as soon as you land in Australia because when BK first expanded to Australia the name was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide.

45. There's a 2,600 feet tall mountain called Mount disappointment because the explorers who reached its summit were not satisfied with the view.

46. Australia has a staggering 1,500 spider species, while some of them are fatally poisonous, most are completely harmless.

47. It’s also Australia where you’ll find 21 of the world’s top 25 most venomous snakes.

48. There are 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Australia, including 12 natural sites, 3 cultural sites, and 4 mixed sites.

49. In 1865, Australian stonemasons demanded to make 8-hour shifts the standard. And it spread throughout the world from there.

50. Australia has the world's longest golf course measuring more than 850 miles long.


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