How to make money on YouTube?


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How to make money on YouTube?

How to make money on YouTube

Are you a content creator on YouTube? Do you want to know how you can make money on YouTube? Well! We'll tell you some of the ways, you can use to earn money from YouTube. 

Affiliate marketing

Affliate marketing is the best way to make money on YouTube if you do it in a right way. Affiliate marketing is an online marketing in which you get the commission on each sale you generate by directing customers to the affiliate marketing website.
Promote products related to your niche. If your channel is about Health you should promote products related to health in order to get more customer. There are many online affiliate marketing websites which you can join and start promoting their products.

1. Amazon
2. Max bounty
3. Click Bank
4. Fiverr
5. Admitad


Adsense is far the best and most reliable form of earning money on YouTube channel. But getting Adsense approval on YouTube is not very easy for small YouTubers. You would need 1000 subscribers in one year and 400,000 seconds of View time to get approved for monetisation. If you get approved then Adsense is very best way to earn money on YouTube as you don't have to make any effort to place Ad on your video.

Paid promotions

There are many products online which you can promote on your channel and can get payment from them. You can promote mobile applications on your video. Contact the creator of the application and ask them if they want their product to be promoted. Present them a good idea of promoting their app, they will definitely consider your idea.

Your own product

If you are a person who can make some products. YouTube is the best platform where you can promote your own product. You can provide information about the features or benefits of your product in the start of your video or at the end.

Link Shortner

You would be wondering how is it possible to earn money through the link shortner. It is very simple, in your video you want to direct traffic to some external sources or websites. Instead of using the actual link of that websites, use link shortner that pays high amount per click. For example, your video is about some software, instead of providing direct download link you can simply use the link shortner to make money out of it. You can check our list of Top 10 highest paying URL Shortner for this purpose.

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