TOP 10 scary Urban legends of Los Angeles


Saturday, October 6, 2018

TOP 10 scary Urban legends of Los Angeles

TOP 10 scary Los Angeles Urban legends

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the focal point of the country's film and broadcast business. Today our topic is not about its film and broadcast business but about some creepy and scary stories which are attached to it. So let's check the Top 10 scary Los Angeles Urban legends.

10. The Ghost of Santa Monica Pier

The Ghost of Santa Monica Pier

During the wild parties in the Casino on the pier and revelers back in the 60s and 70s, people report that they heard weird sounds on the roof and in the hallways. Some of them say they saw a headless ghost who spotted using the bathrooms and wanders underneath the pier. The ghost tries to choke the one who tries to speak to it.

9. Houdini Mansion Legend 

Houdini Mansion Legend

The mansion of a famous magician Harry Houdini in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. Houdini who died on Halloween in 1926 was also a mysterious character and he used his mansion for testing his magic tricks and build many secret caves and tunnels inside the mansion. Many people visit his mansion since his death and there have been many reports about haunting from his mansion and that area where his mansion located.

8. Hollywood Forever cemetery at Paramount Studios

Paramount Pictures Melrose Gate

The resting place of many Hollywood stars like Cecile B De Mille and De De Ramone as well as a whole bunch of early era Hollywood stars. Part of the land is now Paramount Studios. There are many reports of apparitions wearing period clothes who walk towards the wall of the cemetery and disappear in the brick seen by the people who work at the studio. One  other story is linked to the ghost of a weeping woman, who thought to be the spirit of Virginia Rappe, who died after attending a party with famous actor Roscoe

Fatty Arbuckle. It is said that her spirit weeps for her unresolved death.

7. The Lizard People of Los Angeles

The Lizard People of Los Angeles

There were secret tunnels under the city that housed a number of lizard people claimed in an article on the Front Page of the Los Angeles Times on January 23rd, 1934. The article hilariously reads 

"Busy Los Angeles, although little realizing it in the hustle and the bustle of modern existence,
stands above a lost city of catacombs filled with incalculable treasure and imperishable
records of a race of humans further advanced intellectually than the highest type of present-day
peoples, in the belief of G. Warren Shufelt, geophysicist mining engineer now engaged in
an attempt to wrest from the lost city deep in the earth below Fort Moore Hill the secrets
of the Lizard People of legendary fame in the medicine lodges of the American Indian".  

No one found such evidence yet to confirm the existence of the lizard people under the city and many people gone far by started digging to find the lizard but not found any such thing.

6. UFOs over Topanga Canyon California

UFOs over Topanga Canyon California

On June the 14th 1992, 17 people reportedly saw a strange flying object flying over the Topanga Canyon. According to locals, huge objects were gliding noiselessly between slopes and ravines of the canyon and a number of residents started disappearing. Here is a transcript of one of the calls to the local police 

"We were driving through the Canyon, where the Canyon gets deep, and we noticed a bright light in the sky. Suddenly it was over us, we lost control of the car and it lifted us up in the sky, lifted us up off the ground. I'm telling you, I've never been more frightened in my life, we don't drink, don't take drugs and have no history of psychological problems"

The mystery of June 14th still has no explanation…other than aliens.

5. Marylin Monroe’s haunted mirror

Marilyn Monroe Misfits

Marylin Monroe lived in the Hollywood’s Roosevelt hotel for two years and some of her early magazine covers were also featured in that hotel. She haunts a mirror which was in her room, suite 1200. Suites mirror was taken to the manager's office for cleaning and the employee who was dusting the mirror claimed that she saw a sad-looking blonde woman glancing at her. On turning around she found no one there but when she looked back in the mirror the woman was there again.

4. Walt Disney Haunts Disneyland California

Walt Disney Haunts Disneyland California

Walt Disney opened the original Disneyland in 1955 and he spent most of his time there until his death and loved that place very much. On the main street, Walt had his apartment above the Fire Station. There was a lamp in his room which was always kept burning to indicate his presence in the residence. But when he died the lamp was switched off. One day, a staff member heard a voice that said: "I am still here." From that day on, Disney’s lamp keeps burning in the window as a mark of respect and acknowledgment for his ghost.

3. The Haunted Hollywood Sign

The Haunted Hollywood Sign

Peg Entwistle when she was 24 years old committed suicide by jumping from Hollywood sign. Peg always dreamed of becoming a star and had a short and tepid career on Broadway before she moved to LA. She was tired of her suffering and was very disheartened from her acting career and jumped from the 45ft high H of the Hollywood sign with a suicide note in her purse saying 

"I am afraid, I am a coward. I am sorry for everything. If I had done this a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of pain. P.E."

which was found by a hiker. Some hikers claim that they feel her presence around the sign. Some even say they have seen a blonde woman walking on air.

2. Cursed Griffith Park

Cursed Griffith Park

Griffith Park is reportedly blighted by a 150-year-old curse. The park used to be owned by the Feliz family until, when a senior member was dying, he was tricked into changing his will to sign it over to the Coronel family rather than to the rightful inheritor, who seemingly cursed the estate. Bad fortune blighted every family that then lived there. Don Coronel’s family were met with misfortune and death, which was a trend that befit all future dwellers. Eventually, the park came into the hands of Colonel Griffith Jenkins Griffith. After a while, he became freaked out by the land and reports of the ghostly figure of Don Antonio Feliz appearing during storms. Griffith would only ever visit his land during the day – and on one occasion he was shot by a crazed Ostrich farmer who worked the land. He survived but he had had enough of the land. He gifted the park to the city of Lose Angeles in December 1896. Ghosts, including that of Feliz, have been spotted in the park since the late 1800s and in 1933, a fire tore through the land injuring 150 people and killing 29. More recently, In 2016, a pair of hikers stumbled across a partially uncovered skull of an unidentified woman in her 20s. If all that wasn’t enough, the park is said to be home to some kind of beast that stalks visitors. Three eyewitnesses have reported a humanoid figure with black eyes, green skin and a bent back.

1. The Mystery of Elisa Lam

The Mystery of Elisa Lam

The Death of Elisa Lam has been the topic of much discussion in LA and beyond. In early February 2013, 21 year-old Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam went missing after a stay at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. A video was posted of her from an elevator security camera by police as this was the last time she was seen alive. In the video, she is seen acting exceptionally strangely…very strangely. She presses a number of buttons in the elevator, then the doors fail to close. She is seen peering out of the elevator and then trying to hide in the corner. She then exits the elevator and seems to be pleading with someone invisible outside of the door. The footage ends with her walking out of shot and the elevator door opening and closing a number of times. On the 19th of February, her body was found by hotel maintenance workers who had come to investigate issues with the hotel water pressure. It seems she was dead in the water tank. She was naked and her clothes and possessions were found floating next to her. Her death cause a huge smear on the hotel, which had seen other notable murders and deaths over the years. The mystery of her death has never been solved, with many suggesting it has something to do with the paranormal. The hotel has been rebranded as the Stay on Main.

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