How to write SEO friendly articles for your Blog?


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How to write SEO friendly articles for your Blog?

How to write SEO friendly articles for your Blog?

Blogs are the best ways to cash your writing skills to make money online. Many bloggers who want to start a blog often find it difficult on how to start a blog or where to start a blog and how to write blog posts. The others start writing the blog without any research about the niche or keyword they are targeting and give it up in the end. To write an SEO friendly article you have to keep in mind some important points which we are going to discuss in this article.

1. Choose a Low competition keyword

The mistake many new bloggers do is they choose a keyword that has the highest number of searches and ignore the competition of that keyword. Everyone wants to get a lot of traffic without making any effort, but that's not going to happen overnight. It's better to start your blog with the keywords that have low competition forget about the search volume at the start. Just target those keywords which have a low competition once your blog starts getting noticed by the people, now you can go on to target the high search volume keyword.

2. Include that keyword in your article

Now you have chosen your keyword next thing you are going to do is to make a title of your article using that keyword. Use that keyword in such a way that people who search that keyword don't able to ignore your article. Make a title that clearly defines the content of your article. You have to make people click on your article through an attractive title of your article. You have to sell your article through your article title to the audience.

3. Search about your topic

Many bloggers start writing an article without any knowledge and information about that topic, which makes their articles tasteless or irrelevant sometimes. Before you begin writing articles do good research about your topic. Once you have researched the topic you will definitely get ideas to make your article better and different from others.

4. Be Unique

After researching the topic, now you have to represent those ideas and information in a unique yet simple way to your audience. Always use those words which are understandable to your whole audience. Your article will be read by different types of the audience so you have to make sure that your article covers all of your audience.

5. Use photos in your article

The best way of telling a story is to use photos to demonstrate what you are representing to your audience. Photos make the articles interesting and it gives colors to your articles, but remember to not use the copyrighted images. You can download copyright-free images from many websites that offer copyright-free images.

6. Include some subheadings in your article

Always divide your article into parts to make it easily understandable. Make proper and relevant subheadings for each paragraph that is separated from the others.

7. Do not copy other's content

Last but very important thing to keep in mind. Many new bloggers who are out of ideas often try to copy other's content. You should be unique and different from others, that's what you will get noticed for. Try to make your content unique from others that will differentiate your article from others and people will read your article.

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